Dounia & Abdou

Hi, I am Dounia born
and raised in Germany.

My parents are from Morocco. Having traveled a few places in Morocco through them, I fell in love with the city of Essaouira in 2015. Since then it was mandatory for my soul to bring every little time out there. Due to the increased digitalization and dual studies, it was possible for me to stay in Essaouira even sometimes longer than just a short vacation. However, there was the challenge to find a place where I can work/distance study and at the same time enjoy a vacation flair. This is how the idea of Noqta Space was born. Through years of idea development I came across Abdou, who is planning similar ideas and projects. So why not start the whole thing as a couple...

Hi, I am Abdou and
I was born and raised
in Essaouira.

Through my years of experience in the tourism industry and my stay in Asia, I have met many different people. Thus, an international network was created, which has grown more and more in Essaouira. Through Noqta Space I would also like to create a place where people can continue to connect, both their professional and their private projects / ideas to realize.

Where to
find us

17 Imp. Moulay Abderrahman
Essaouira 44000